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BellaVista Tours is your expert source for all of your Italy travel needs. Our bilingual staff, many native Italians, are highly versed on the many regions of Italy. Our consultants offer expert advice and recommendations on all aspects of your upcoming trip.

BellaVista Tours, the leader in travel to Italy!

We offer the best in accommodations, tours and guides. When we state “centrally located hotels,” we mean that you are in walking distance to the major sites. When we say “English-speaking guides and drivers,” we are guaranteeing that they will converse in English. We take pride in our heritage and our country. Whether you are in search of a customized itinerary, escorted vacation or group travel experience, BellaVista Tours wants to create your lasting memories for you.

Meet the Bella Vista Team

Paolo Ascenzioni, Travel Consultant

Paolo AscenzioniTravel Consultant

Alessandra Bove, Travel Consultant

Alessandra BoveTravel Consultant

Nicole Malachowski, ravel Coordinator

Nicole MalachowskiTravel Coordinator

Francesco Lucente-Stabile, Ecommerce Manager

Francesco Lucente-StabileEcommerce Manager

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